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Twin Zygosity DNA Test

  • $ 13900

All testing performed by an accredited laboratory.

Base pricing includes laboratory services and a DNA collection kit that contains FDA-Approved buccal swabs for two alleged twins.

(Additional participants may be added for an additional fee.)

DNA Direct offers confidential, accurate, fast, and affordable twin zygosity testing services.

This DNA test definitively determines whether twins are identical or fraternal.

When twins are born, pathological examination of the placenta can also be done to determine zygosity. However, studies have shown that this method is not 100% accurate. Scientists recommend DNA testing to accurately determine zygosity.

Identical twins come from one fertilized egg, called a zygote. The zygote, which usually develops into one child, grows and splits early in development to form two embryos—identical twins. Because the twins come from one egg and one sperm, they have exactly the same DNA

Fraternal twins, on the other hand, develop when there are two different eggs in the mother’s womb that are fertilized by two different sperms. Fraternal twins will not share identical DNA.

We understand your need for results to remain confidential. Once testing is complete, we will only send results to the email address you provide when the order is placed. We will not issue results over the phone.

  • First, order a DNA test kit. Inside the kit you'll find, easy-to-follow instructions, DNA kit registration instructions, two cheek swabs for each person being tested, and a prepaid return you'll use to send your DNA test samples to the laboratory.
  • Second, collect your DNA samples, complete the DNA kit registration, and return them to our testing laboratory.
  • Third, when the laboratory receives your returned DNA kit, it will analyze your samples in two business days, prepare your results, and deliver your final report by email.



NOTE: The DNA Collection Kit image above is for reference purposes only. The DNA Collection Kit you will receive is a plain white envelope to ensure maximum privacy. DNA Collection Kit includes: 4 buccal swabs, 2 sample envelopes, DNA kit registration & sample collection instructions. Additional contents will be included if extra participants are tested.